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Sharjah Municipality announces largest digitalisation project in GCC

Sharjah Municipality has announced the largest digitalisation project in the GCC, which will deploy enterprise software provider SAP’s advanced business solutions across all of the organisations internal and external services. The project will be developed and implemented in partnership with SAP, Evoteq (a technology company set-up by Bee’ah earlier this year) and Evoteq’s implementation arm, EvoGulf.

One of the most ambitious municipal digitalisation projects in the world, the Sharjah Municipality project will see 500 commercial and public services migrate to digital platforms. All municipality business partners, such as contractors, companies, citizens and government entities, will be integrated and connected, making Sharjah Municipality a single trusted centre for all public services across Sharjah City.

In an innovation-led approach, the project will allow Sharjah Municipality to make all public-facing services interactive and accessible via a smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices in ways which truly facilitate everyday life for Sharjah’s residents. After digitalisation, data-led insights and cutting-edge analytics will allow the government to refine, fine-tune and reinvent digital services in line with real-world usage patterns and trends.

All Sharjah Municipality services will ultimately be migrated to SAP’s Hybris enterprise multichannel e-commerce and product content management platform. In addition to ensuring the data backup of all business divisions including Finance, Human Resources, Procurement and Contracts to cloud storage systems. The Hybris platform will also integrate all existing e-services and public services such as Public Health, Transportation, Tenancy Contracts and Municipal Inspections.

Launched earlier this year, Evoteq has quickly established itself as a significant player within the GCC’s technology solutions arena, proving itself capable of developing highly innovative and sophisticated software-based solutions, supported by implementation through EvoGulf.

The government of Sharjah has put societal issues such as sustainability, well-being and quality of life high on its agenda as it invests in developing the environmental, social, cultural and economic potential of the emirate. This focus has already resulted in a wide range of initiatives and investments to extend public infrastructure, create public services and develop research-let strategies for future development.

Source: Sharjah Municipality

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