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Kalba’s ‘Bait Sheikh Saeed Al Qasimi’ reopens to public

His Excellency Khalid Al Midfa, chairman of Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority in the presence of Sheikh Salem bin Mohammed bin Salem Al Qasimi Director of Sharjah Tourism & Commerce Development Authority reopened yesterday, Thursday, Kalba’s iconic ‘Bait Sheikh Saeed bin Hamad Al Qasimi’ Museum to the public. Marking a new addition to the heritage and cultural destinations in the eastern region of Sharjah, the house which was built in 1899 served as a center of governance and a residence of the late Sheikh and his family.

The Museum’s inauguration was in the presence of Aisha Rashid Deemas, the Director General of Sharjah Museums Authority, and Jassim Hussain Buseim, Director of the Amiri Diwan in Kalba’a , and Rashid Saeed Obaid bin Fresh Al Kindi Chairman of Suhaila Suburb Council, as well as a number of cultural figures.

Aisha Rashid Deemas, the Director General of Sharjah Museums Authority, emphasized the significance of Bait Sheikh Saeed bin Hamad Al Qasimi Museum’s reopening, pointing out its imperative for safeguarding the emirate’s cultural and historical assets, particularly as the house itself is a key historical landmark in Sharjah.

“Rejuvenating the house’s role as a cultural and heritage center demonstrates Sharjah Museums Authority’s unwavering commitment to heighten public consciousness about the emirate’s rich historical and cultural tapestry,” she said.

She said the re-opening is designed to encourage cultural engagements and broaden the public’s understanding of the region’s historical trajectory.

“We hope that the venue will attract tourists and public members alike, stimulating their curiosity to discover the abundant cultural and historical wealth of both the city of Kalba and the Emirate of Sharjah,” she said adding that the centenarian structure offers an unparalleled experiential journey that immerses visitors in the city’s historical milieu.

“With its diverse exhibits, the house gifts visitors with precious glimpses into the lifestyle and practices of its bygone era, thereby preserving and honouring our collective heritage for future generations to appreciate.”

The historic landmark opposite Kalba’s Fort provides visitors with a unique opportunity to experience and learn about the way of life in pre-oil times and the region’s history through a collection of preserved relics.

Overlooking the Gulf of Oman, the house which served as a secure residence for the Sheikh’s extended family and as the seat of government, was built according to local design elements and cultural practices.

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