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“Invest in Sharjah” signs an MoU with “The Business Year” to highlight the emirate’s economic growth

The Sharjah FDI Office (Invest in Sharjah) has signed an MoU partnering with global research firm ‘The Business Year’ to create the “The Business Year: Sharjah 2024/2025” report. This annual publication will detail the emirate’s economic climate and investment opportunities, serving as a valuable resource for both local and international investors and entrepreneurs.

The MoU was signed at the Sharjah Investor Services Center (SAEED) on the 5th of March by HE Mohamed Juma Al Musharrkh, CEO of Invest in Sharjah, and Federica Fermo, Business Development Manager at The Business Year.

Expanding Partnerships

This partnership aligns with the Invest in Sharjah’s efforts to expand its network and foster collaboration with influential players in the business and investment world. Creating the “The Business Year: Sharjah” report serves several key objectives. First, it aims to showcase the emirate as a prime location for sustainable business growth, attracting potential investors and entrepreneurs. Second, the report highlights promising opportunities within modern economic sectors, further amplifying Sharjah’s appeal as an enterprising and diverse market.

Additionally, this initiative underscores the role that media plays in informing the business community, a principle that aligns with Invest in Sharjah’s broader strategy to solidify the emirate’s position as a hub for leading local and international companies and projects. By providing valuable information and insights, this partnership serves as an important tool for encouraging economic growth and attracting investment to Sharjah.

The MoU covers areas of collaboration between the two parties, including exchanging data and information related to the emirate’s markets, sectors, trends, and growth rates to provide a comprehensive picture of the promising investment opportunities in Sharjah. Invest in Sharjah will contribute interviews, discussions, and joint press releases to be included in the report.

Sharjah at the Forefront of Business Destinations

The Business Year’s decision to spotlight the finance and business year in Sharjah in 2024 follows the emirate’s continuous achievements, cementing its status among the top investment destinations in the region and the world. Known for its growth and sector diversity, Sharjah has experienced stable growth over the past decade up to 2023, becoming a significant centre for innovation, creativity, and a startup-friendly environment across various sectors.

HE Mohamed Juma Al Musharrkh, CEO of Invest in Sharjah, stated that the collaboration between Invest in Sharjah and The Business Year provides comprehensive information and data to sector leaders and investors worldwide. He emphasised that investment options, amidst high market competitiveness, are increasingly linked to prior and precise knowledge of market trends and their legislative and regulatory frameworks, alongside the quality of services offered to investors.

“Sharjah possesses highly competitive advantages such as flexibility, performance efficiency, diversity, and unique opportunities that place it at the forefront of global markets. The vital sectors contribute almost equally to the gross domestic product, a qualitative achievement made possible by wise policies and cooperation between industry leaders, official and private institutions, and companies. Sharjah has achieved high rates of attracting local and global investments across various sectors, especially those forming the nucleus of the future economy. Through our partnership with The Business Year, we are keen to document and highlight this comprehensive developmental scene and analyse its elements for investors and business leaders worldwide,” the Invest in Sharjah CEO stated.

Federica Fermo, Business Development Manager at The Business Year, commented on the partnership, saying, “We are pleased to sign this MoU with Invest in Sharjah, and with the fieldwork and support provided by them, we will explore the unlimited potential of the emirate, highlighting it as the cultural capital, industrial centre, and educational hub of the UAE. This report will shine a light on Sharjah’s unprecedented sustainability initiatives undergoing significant expansion in its journey to becoming a global hub for scientific research, development, innovation, and startups. This collaboration marks an important step towards exploring the vast opportunities in the business ecosystem of Sharjah and introducing it to the world.”

Over the past fifteen years, The Business Year has achieved a notable global presence, extending to over 35 markets reaching approximately 3.5 million users of its bulletins and data. It offers investors, companies, and governments direct insights into the world’s most dynamic markets through data collection and analysis and discussions with sector leaders, industry giants, and key economic decision-makers, promoting companies and investments worldwide.

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