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AUS unveils Alumni CEO Club: A platform for positive impact

Her Excellency Sheikha Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi, President of American University of Sharjah (AUS), attended the launch of the AUS Alumni CEO Club, a dynamic platform that empowers meaningful connections among accomplished business leaders who are AUS alumni.

Expressing gratitude for the attendees’ commitment, Sheikha Bodour emphasized the club’s vital role in facilitating and fostering collaboration and giving back to the university.

‘Above all, the AUS Alumni CEO Club is about making an impact. It’s a dynamic networking platform where AUS graduates who have entered leadership can learn from each other and work together for the greater benefit of society. Its members have run with the values instilled at AUS—excellence, leadership, service—and successfully applied them in the world of business. Through the club, we will foreground their aspirational example for others to follow, and give them the eye-opening inspiration, practical mentorship, and unassailable optimism they need to become entrepreneurs and leaders.’

With more than 30 founding members, the AUS Alumni CEO Club serves as a source of inspiration, showcasing the remarkable achievements of AUS graduates in various industries. During the meeting organized by the Office of Advancement and Alumni Affairs (OAAA), alumni CEOs shared their backgrounds, introducing themselves and discussing their vision for the club. Additionally, there is a mandate to attract more members to further enrich the diversity and expertise within the club, fostering greater collaboration and impact among AUS alumni.

In his welcoming remarks, Dr. Tod Laursen, Chancellor of AUS, emphasized the importance of this collective effort in shaping the club’s direction.

“The creation of the club reflects Sheikha Bodour’s vision of establishing a center for knowledge exchange through fireside chats, interactive sessions and curated activities. We encourage members to participate in stimulating discussions and stay updated on industry trends. The AUS Alumni CEO Club holds the promise of making a substantial contribution to the wider community by fostering collaborative initiatives and sharing expertise, catalyzing positive change and leaving a meaningful impact on society,” said Chancellor Laursen.

Sheikha Bodour also met with members of the AUS Alumni Association (AUSAA) where she expressed her gratitude for their continued support and commitment to AUS. This meeting served as an opportunity to introduce Chancellor Dr. Tod Laursen to the Alumni Association, marking a pivotal moment in aligning the university’s leadership with the accomplished AUS alumni community and setting the stage for a collaborative and impactful partnership.

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