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RUWAD announces, 3 more government entities exempt RAWAD-funded projects

Sharjah Foundation to Support Pioneering Entrepreneurs (RUWAD), has announced that Sharjah Civil Aviation Department, Sharjah Civil Defence Authority, and Sharjah Private Education Authority have now joined the list of government entities that offer exemptions to RAWAD-funded projects.

This move is consistent with the Executive Council’s recent decision to exclude micro, small, and medium-sized firms from certain levies. Members of “RUWAD” will not have to pay for a variety of government services, including licences to operate unmanned aircraft and transport goods, as well as civil defence fees.

The programme’s purpose is to boost the country’s economy by creating conditions more favourable for small enterprises and entrepreneurs.

Hamad Ali Abdullah Al Mahmoud, Director of Ruwad, said that such incentives would inspire citizen entrepreneurs, who would then be better equipped to build their businesses and benefit the economy.

He anticipates that the government will get more active in offering exemptions in the future in an effort to increase the economy’s overall competitiveness by encouraging investment in small and medium-sized businesses.

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