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Invest Bank, SM oversee distribution of Iftar

The Investment Bank made an official statement, proclaiming its partnership with Sharjah Municipality (SM) in order to provide approximately 18,000 Iftar meals for the fasting laborers over the course of the month of Ramadan.

The primary aim of this joint initiative is to reinforce and enhance the values of giving and solidarity, as well as to encourage charitable and volunteer work among the community. Additionally, the provision of these meals is intended to bring joy and happiness to the fasting laborers during this holy month.

According to the SM, the visit is evidence of the commitment of both parties to promote their social responsibility and humanitarian efforts.

This visit also serves as an embodiment of the significance of community cohesion, particularly during Ramadan when values of benevolence and generosity are particularly emphasized.

His Excellencty Obaid Saeed Al Tunaiji, Director General of Sharjah Municipality, said: “We have a strong commitment to encouraging volunteerism and charitable activities, with a special focus on bringing joy to our employees’ category of laborers and helpers. Throughout the year, we organise targeted initiatives for these groups, especially during Ramadan. Our collaboration with other entities allows us to provide critical support and recognition to these groups, who play an essential role in our projects’ success. This initiative is one of our notable humanitarian efforts during the holy month, aiming to promote the UAE community’s values of kindness, generosity, and solidarity.”

For his part, the Invest Bank’s CEO, Ahmed Mohammed Abu Aida, highlighted the importance of spreading a culture of volunteerism among the employees.

He reaffirmed the bank’s dedication to sustainability programs and cited their collaboration with SM during Ramadan as a manifestation of the UAE’s spirit of giving and altruism.

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