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SEDD organises anti-dumping law workshop in cooperation with MOE

Sharjah Economic Development Department “SEDD”, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy (MOE), organised a workshop about the Federal Law No. 1 of 2017 related to Anti-dumping and preventive countermeasures in SEDD headquarter.

The delegation from the Ministry consisted of Abdullah Alfan Al Shamsi, Assistant Under-Secretary for Trade Remedies at the Ministry of Economy, Alya Al Shamsi, senior financial researcher in the Department of Combating Harmful Practices in International Trade, and Essa Al Jabri, Associate Trainee in the Department of Combating Harmful Practices in International Trade. The delegation was received by His Excellency Sultan Abdullah bin Hadda Al Suwaidi, SEDD Chairman, and number of officials from SEDD.

The workshop, the was given by Karim Al Toumi, an expert in international trade law from the Ministry of Economy, discussed the legal and procedural aspects of measures that can be taken in the face of dumping, support and prevention in the country and the decision making mechanism in this regard.

The workshop aimed at introducing anti-dumping laws as well as identifying measures that could be taken such as anti-dumping duties and final compensatory fees, temporary guarantees against anti-dumping, the imposition of final preventive measures against the increase in imports in the form of fees or quantitative restrictions, and temporary safeguard fees against the increase in imports.

Likely, the workshop introduced the Federal Law on Anti-Dumping, Countervailing and Preventive Measures and the establishment of a legislative authority to counter dumped and subsidissed imports that harm the national industry and allow these imports to enter with locally produced products in unfair competition and in contravention of the World Trade Organization agreements. In addition, it embraces the means taken against such harmful trade practices in a way that ensures the protection of the national industry.

Commenting on such workshop, SEDD Chairman said that the Department is keen to introduce its employees to the laws that would establish fair competition between the national and the foreign products. Also, It will help to protect the national industry and enhance its competitiveness in the country’s markets.

Furthermore, the Chairman stressed on the adoption of a clear strategy to develop national labor standards in the country. He also added that the work on the development of the national economy is one of the main tasks of the government departments in Sharjah, headed by SEDD, thus enhancing its position on the economic map.

From his side, Hamad Al Midfa, Deputy Director of Legal Affairs Department at SEDD, said that SEDD attaches great importance to the organisation of such legal workshops that will enhance the concepts necessary for its employees, especially those working in the legal fields.

He carried on that such workshop is considered one of the most important means used to raise the cultural and cognitive level of employees. Likewise, he pointed out that there is no doubt that this law is of great importance in protecting the industrial sector from commercial dumping and the unjustified increase in imports. Also, it is considered the only way to protect the Gulf industry in the light of global changes and the link of the countries of the region with many of the conventions governing this matter. In addition, he added that the organisng of this workshop with the Ministry of Economy is aimed at raising the level of public awareness of employees and raising awareness about the dangers of dumping and its impact on the national economy in the country.

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