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First shopping mall opens in Al Madam

Al Badayer Shopping Mall has been opened in the town of Al Madam on the Dubai-Hatta road, the first purpose-built air-conditioned shopping mall in Sharjah’s Central Region. Less than an hour’s drive from Sharjah city and 20 minutes drive from Mleiha, Al Madam has recently become a focus for economic development and public infrastructure projects.

All 27 retail units at Al Badayer Shopping Mall have been leased, although the facility is being opened to the public in two phases. Phase two of the mall is expected to be opened in February 2018, which will be dominated by a large camping equipment, sporting goods and outdoor supplies retailer.

Sharjah’s retail sector is currently enjoying a period of strong growth, with more than 4 million square feet (370,000+ sqm.) of new mall space expected to be added to the sector by the year 2020. Projects include the expansion of existing shopping malls in Sharjah city, two new mega-malls covering over 1 million sq. ft. outside the city area, plus local shopping centres in the emirate’s central and eastern regions.

The Government of Sharjah is currently implementing a 25 year strategic development plan for its Central Region, which includes the towns of Al Dhaid, Mleiha and Al Madam. The plan aims to enhance the quality of life, prosperity and job opportunities for the residents of region. According to the 2015 Sharjah Census, Al Madam has 11,120 residents, accounting for 0.8 percent of the emirate’s population.

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