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Business and government leaders to discuss economy at Sharjah Economic Ramadan Majlis

Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), in association with Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), is hosting an elite group of government sector representatives, ambassadors, prominent business leaders and other commercial industrialists to discuss and debate essential best practices, partnerships and collaboration at the 3rd ‘Sharjah Economic Ramadan Majlis’ evening.

The third edition, titled “Innovative Economy”, will focus on more than current opportunities and challenges it will also highlight the key factors that contribute to the UAE’s strategy in addressing the challenges of tomorrow and the sustainability, growth and progress of an innovative economy.

The discussions, to be held in Sharjah’s Al Jawaher Reception and Convention Centre on 4th of June at 10:30pm, will centre around the sharing of knowledge, experience and expertise in order to gain the most benefit for the public and private sector in terms of collaboration for an innovative economy at a commercial level and a diverse economy at a governmental level.

As one of most important elements of Sharjah’s economy, SMEs will play a large part in the discussions, including their role in driving domestic and foreign investment and the crucial role both public and private sectors will have in their development.

Commenting on the importance of engaging with concerned parties from both private and public sector in Sharjah’s economy, His Excellency Khaled bin Butti Al Hajri, Director-General of SCCI, commented that creativity is the essence of all efforts exerted by the chamber, within the context of contributing to building a sustainable innovative economy, which assures prosperity in the economic, industrial, and professional sectors in the Emirate of Sharjah.

He explained: “This is achieved via applying best practices and offering high quality services, in order to avail new opportunities for the local business community in the global market.”

Bin Butti reaffirmed the importance of the Ramadan Majlis as an annual platform for all stakeholders to discuss Sharjah economy in depth, and consolidate efforts that aim to build an innovative economy based on knowledge and creativity, in line with the ambitious vision of our leadership.

Bin Butti highlighted that the chamber’s participation in this activity comes in line with its prominent role in attracting investments to the Emirate and proposing new and lucrative investment opportunities. He also called upon the business community to take part in the Ramadan Majlis, and contribute to the brainstorming taking place among leading stakeholders in Sharjah.

His Excellency Marwan bin Jassim Al Sarkal, CEO of Shurooq, added: “It is vital for the progression of any economy that both sectors use their respective resources to attract new business and diversify their interests. All entities share the same objectives of a healthy and progressive economy and the closer they work together, the greater the opportunity for unified business success.”

He added: “We take this opportunity to build on our last year’s Ramadan Majlis event, which focused on the importance of taking an initiative towards sustaining Sharjah’s Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) sector. Because private companies play a leading role in sustaining an innovative economy, we formulated this year’s focus with means to support the private sector, and truly recognize the factors that contribute to pioneering investment opportunities in Sharjah.”

He highlighted: “Shurooq plays an integral role in ensuring that foreign investors receive the maximum assistance in dealing with government services, so that starting or expanding a company is an easy process and investors receive the maximum support. The ability to consistently open new opportunities and provide the means to invest with confidence is an asset which has proved invaluable as we continue our work. The business owners, managers, dignitaries and officials at the third edition of the Ramadan Majlis will undoubtedly benefit from each other’s knowledge as we all look towards Sharjah as one of the region’s most rapidly growing investment hubs.”

During the third edition of the Majlis, the Sharjah FDI Office ‘Invest in Sharjah’, is expected to facilitate attendees with the latest insights and investment opportunities that can service the emirate’s PPP sector, and focus on how this sector can revolutionize Sharjah’s innovative economy.

Mohammed Juma Al Musharrkh, Director of Invest in Sharjah, believes the integration is essential in establishing a common goal with individual resources and specialised skills.

He said: “The meeting of the two sectors is more than a series of sessions, it is an opportunity to gain an insight into the reality of how private and public sector services work. It is only with this awareness that we can appreciate fully how we can maximise the opportunities Sharjah provides and the enormous potential the emirate has. We can support each other in terms of attracting, facilitating and sustaining investment and our combined efforts will make that more effective, more efficient and ultimately more appealing.”

Al Musharrkh added: “With the combination of extremely experienced business owners, highly influential representatives of foreign interests, and senior decision-making government officials, the third edition will be a hive of strategic activity and an opportunity to work with new partners and forge new relationships.”

The 2017 ‘Sharjah Economic Ramadan Majlis’ builds upon the huge success of last year, where one of the main points of discussion was where speakers and experts analysed the partnership connecting public and private sectors in the UAE and debated whether it met the desired level of ambition, as well as the best ways to enhance the prospects of the partnership in the future for mutual benefit.

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