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Sharjah gears up for faster door-to-door services

Sharjah is installing more than 102,000 signboards across the emirate as part of a new Postal Code system. Officially launched by Sharjah Urban Planning Council (SUPC) in 2015, Sharjah’s new post code initiative provides emirate-wide local post codes, linked to a geographical information system (GIS), with accompanying street signage. The new system opens up new opportunities for ecommerce, door-to-door retail, logistics providers, emergency services and other public and commercial services.

The new local post code system, developed by the Emirates Post Group, provides a key component for the door-to-door delivery of a wide range of products and services. The new post codes not only connect residents and businesses to the global ecommerce economy more effectively, but also open up a wide range of ecommerce opportunities for local SMEs and higher services levels for customers.

Sharjah’s new postal system is expected to negate the need for proprietary street address systems and to provide one standard method of identifying the precise locations of offices, residences, government organisations and public services in the emirate. In the past, there has been no standard set for retailers to identify customers’ delivery areas during the order process, making organising home deliveries resource intensive. The new system paves the way for retailers to offer faster delivery times and value-added home delivery offers.

According to Payfort State of Payments report, the UAE’s online payment transactions are expected to grow by more than 160%, reaching US$ 27 billion (AED 100b) by the year 2020, driving the need for efficient door-to-door deliveries across multiple business sectors.

A mobile app for Sharjah postal codes is now also available for download for Android and iOS devices, allowing users to easily look up the new postal codes using an interactive map.

Source: SUPC, Gulf News

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