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Global textiles recycling firm to open Sharjah plant

SOEX Group, a global leader in recycling and marketing used textiles, is to establish a recycling plant in Sharjah’s Hamriyah Free Zone at a cost of 5 million Euros (AED 21m). Expected to open in mid-2017, the 322,917 square foot (30,00 sqm.) free zone facility is the German company’s first in the United Arab Emirates and will employ 300 to 400 workers.

The SOEX GROUP has been recycling used textiles for more than 30 years and currently employs a workforce of more than 1,000 around the world, marketing wearable clothing to over 90 countries worldwide. The group manages the entire value chain of used textiles collection, marketing, recycling and reuse on six continents.

According to SOEX, 60 percent of clothing collected is re-wearable and is resold around the world, which 35 percent is recycled for use in other products. SOEX expects to export 50 percent of textile products processed at its Sharjah facility to Africa , 25 percent to Eastern Europe and 25 percent to Middle Eastern countries.

Sharjah has become a hub for recycling and waste management with the emirate’s own waste management company, Bee’ah, driving a zero-waste initiative to divert 100% of Sharjah’s generated waste from landfill for use as other resources. Some 70 percent of Sharjah’s waste is currently recycled, re-used or re-processed.

A number of used textile recycling companies have already located their operations in Sharjah, including Hands Industries, MS Group Textiles and Nord Sud Exports, which all have operations in Sharjah Airport Freezone (SAIF Zone).

Source: SOEX, various

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