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AAE to build two high-tech engineering plants at SAIF Zone

Advanced Armour Engineering (AAE), an armour-grade steel supplier, processing and design optimisation specialist, is to build two high tech factories in Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF Zone). The British-owned company signed a long-term agreement with the authority for a total working area of 50,000 square feet at the free zone.

Pre-built facilities at SAIF Zone will be reconfigured to accommodate AAE’s large-scale specialised steel processing machines and the facility is expected to open by June 2016.

AAE uses its large-scale armour processing equipment and specialised simulation software to create armoured steel, armour kits and ballistic steel components for Armoured SUV and APC (amoured personnel carrier) manufacturers, allowing them to build lighter, better protected and lower cost products. The company fabricates vehicle parts from standard S355 Mild Steel (A36) and 316 Stainless Steel through to ultra-high grade Armox Advance ballistic steel.

Sourcing materials from major steel producers in Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, USA, Australia and Belgium, AAE manufactures products and components for use in defence and security, transport, architecture, construction, oil and gas and maritime sectors. The company currently exports to over 12 countries.

Source: AAE, SAIF Zone

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