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Expo Centre Sharjah & Air Arabia sign MoU

In a strategic move aimed at boosting mutual growth, two of Sharjah’s leading establishments, Expo Centre Sharjah and Air Arabia, have decided to join hands in a three-year cooperation agreement.

A Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, aimed at maximising visibility and branding of both parties in the best possible ways, was signed on Monday 12th October by Saif Mohammed Al Midfa, Chief Executive Officer, Expo Centre Sharjah, ECS, and Adel A. Ali, Group Chief Executive Officer, Air Arabia.

“This is a significant move aimed at mutually promoting the growth of two of Sharjah’s leading business entities. Air Arabia is MENA’s first and largest low-cost carrier, while we pioneered the exhibitions industry in the region. We are proud to join forces to boost each other’s growth,” said ECS’s Midfa.

The spacious 128,000 sq. m. of exhibition facility, more than 20 B2B and B2C shows and the online presence of Expo Centre Sharjah, and Air Arabia flights that serve more than 115 destinations spanning Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, will be fully utilised to promote visibility and branding of both parties.

Explaining the MoU, Mr. Midfa said, “Expo Centre Sharjah is the region’s premier exhibition venue and events organiser that has been a financial landmark of Sharjah Emirate for nearly four decades. We organise some of the most-visited trade and consumer shows in the region. Air Arabia will be able to advertise at our venue, during events, in various catalogues, on ECS and individual event websites, and obtain barter exhibition space against pre-determined tickets at relevant exhibitions.”

“The MoU will go a long way in promoting Sharjah and its economy and add support to this important part of the economy. Air Arabia will promote Expo Centre Sharjah and its events onboard our flights and help raise awareness of Expo Centre Sharjah’s many great events among our customers in all the cities around the world to which we fly,” said Mr. Ali.

It is believed that the deal will help both ECS and Air Arabia to capitalise on unique economic, cultural and religious attributes of Sharjah, which is the Capital of Arab Tourism for 2015. Sharjah was the Capital of Islamic Culture in 2014, and, in 1998, UNESCO recognised Sharjah as the Cultural Capital of the Arab World. Recently, it was declared as the first WHO Healthy City of the region.

Sharjah has the most diverse economy in the region and Standard & Poor’s recently re-affirmed their A/A-1 long and short-term foreign and local currency sovereign credit ratings for Sharjah and maintained its stable outlook.

According to the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority, Shurooq, Sharjah increased its GDP by 13.3 percent in 2014 to AED113.9 billion from AED100.53 billion in 2013.

Source: WAM

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