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Souq Al Shinasiyah retail spaces available for lease

Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) has announced that retail spaces in Sharjah’s newly renovated Souq Al Shinasiyah area are now available for lease, ahead of the market’s opening towards the end of the year. The souq is part of the Heart of Sharjah development, one the largest heritage developments in the Gulf region.

Souq Al Shinasiyah was one of Sharjah’s traditional market areas that was virtually lost to modernisation and is now in the process of being rebuilt on a 5,872 square metre plot. The project aims to restore the neighbourhood to its 1950’s appearance. Almost 80 percent of the Souq’s construction work has now been completed and retail units are being allocated in advance of the souq’s official opening towards the end of 2014.

The Souq will feature 17 stores with spaces varying between 200-600 square feet. The spaces are expected to provide a unique opportunity for heritage enterprises, especially for UAE young entrepreneurs who wish to enter the business world.

“Giving young Emiratis the priority to lease spaces in Souq Al Shinasiyah comes in line with Shurooq’s commitment to supporting the UAE youth and encouraging them to make use of the new market’s location and historical significance to set up new businesses and enterprises,” said Yousif Ahmed Al Mutawa, Manager of Heart of Sharjah.

Young Emiratis who wish to lease stores available in Souq Al Shinasiyah can contact the Rental Office at Shurooq on Tel +971 6 5560777, visit the office in Shurooq’s headquarters in Al Qasba, or visit the Heart of Sharjah website.

Source: Shurooq

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