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Sharjah’s Bee’ah steps-up production to recycle 3 million tyres per year

Sharjah’s award-winning integrated environmental and waste management company, Bee’ah, has stepped-up its tyre recycling efforts to process 3 million tyres per year. The company’s US$40million (AED 146.9m) recycling facility outside Sharjah city has already produced 3,565 tonnes of crumb rubber this year, equivalent to 90% of last year’s total production.

Bee’ah is leading the way for tyre recycling in the Middle East with its investment in the first cryogenic process tyre recycling plant in the region. Overall production has more than doubled since the plant’s opening in 2010, turning end-of-life tyres into a variety of recycled rubber products.

“By converting all types of waste tyres into reusable products, Bee’ah is further cementing its commitment to achieving zero-waste to landfill in Sharjah,” said Bee’ah Group Chief Executive Officer Khaled Al Huraimel. Bee’ah announced a zero-waste strategic plan for Sharjah in 2011, under which it aims to be the first Arab city to divert 100% of waste destined for landfills for use as other resources. To-date Bee’ah’s recycling and material recovery programmes have diverted 55 per cent of Sharjah’s waste from landfills, significantly decreasing the environmental impact of waste pollution.

The tyre recycling plant is part of Bee’ah’s waste management complex, which also contains a material recovery facility, a construction and demolition waste facility, an engineered landfill, oil lagoons and a compost plant. The tyre recycling plant uses advanced eco-friendly cryogenic processes to convert old tyres into several grades of crumb rubber. Crumb rubber and crumb rubber tiles can be used for many different applications to create surfaces for running tracks, sports and recreation surfaces and sports stadium playing areas.

Bee’ah’s crumb rubber products are already in use in public facilities across Sharjah including Al Majaz Waterfront Park’s 3,000 square metre running track and surfaces in Sharjah’s Al Qasba leisure and tourist destination. Crumb rubber-blended asphalt from the plant is now used in Sharjah to build longer-lasting roads that help to reduce traffic noise in urban areas.

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