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Sharjah invests in infrastructure to improve road traffic

Sharjah’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA Sharjah) has announced a number of new projects to improve road traffic flow, ease congestion and increase road safety. The Authority appointed consulting services company W.S. Atkins earlier this year to conduct a comprehensive 6 month study on Sharjah’s road traffic to include traffic congestion, pollution and road safety

RTA Sharjah has announced the first stage of a AED 100 million (US$ 27m) road infrastructure project for the Muweileh district involving the construction of 43 kilometres of two-lane roads to ease congestion and provide better access to public facilities in the area. Construction is scheduled to begin in August 2015.*

Construction has begun on a new AED 10 million (US$ 2.7 million) project to develop the road infrastructure in the downtown area of Al Musalla. The project will include the upgrading of Al Fadhl Bin Abbass Road to two lanes, transforming Musalla Al Eid Square into a parking area and associated drainage and pedestrian infrastructure.

Meanwhile, RTA Sharjah has started an extensive scheme to install pedestrian infrastructure throughout Sharjah city in an effort to reduce road accidents. The first phase of the scheme, which will ultimately include pedestrian flyovers, subways, and crossings, is to install 8,000 metres of guard railings to prevent jaywalking on major roads at a cost of AED 4.3 million (US$ 1.1 million). According to the RTA Sharjah, the emirate already has 40 percent of its roads protected by railings.

W.S .Atkins is expected to make recommendations on new infrastructure investment later this year including smart transport systems to help address traffic congestion, pollution, road safety.

Sharjah has been investing heavily in its transport infrastructure and, according to analyst MEED Projects, there are already US$ 2.3 billion (AED 8.5 billion) worth of transport related projects planned.

*Updated 22 July 2014

Source: WAM, UAE news media

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