As part of the “Safe Bites” initiative of the “Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival”

“Sheraa Hackathon” provides practical solutions for the education, entrepreneurship and tourism sectors

The event witnessed great competition among the participants. From the source

The Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center (Sheraa) announced the creation of a new platform to support the development of entrepreneurs’ projects in Sharjah and the UAE, where it organized a “Technology Hackathon”, during which it gathered 80 young people specialized in a number of creative and industrial sectors, most notably art, education, entrepreneurship and the environment, with the aim of benefiting from the advantages of ChatGPT technology, and exploring its potential to promote innovation and make positive change in their fields of specialization. Through the hackathon, Sheraa opened the opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn about new and innovative opportunities to develop their businesses, reduce the costs of their projects and accelerate their services, as the “hackathon” was distributed on five tracks, each focusing on a specific sector, namely the creative economy, sustainability, education, retail and food and beverages, travel and hospitality, and the event witnessed great competition between the participants, who were divided into four to six teams in each track.

The hackathon was organized as part of the annual SEF Bytes community initiative of the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival, which seeks to enhance community communication throughout the year, through various events in which participants discuss a wide range of topics, including flexibility, non-fungible tokens, and the future of the retail sector. The winners of the three places of the hackathon presented a number of innovations using Chat GPT technology, namely specialized learning facilities that use artificial intelligence technology to help students in their academic journey, comprehensive destinations to help travelers try their plans before leaving home, and artificial intelligence technology on behalf of the founding partners, to help new entrepreneurs who are practicing entrepreneurship for the first time in their lives, as they will continue to develop their solutions with the full support of Sheraa.